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COVID 19 Policies 

For the safety of my family, clients and community, I’ll be maintaining a strict no contact policy until further notice.  Here’s how it works:

  • I’ll text you when I’m a few minutes away so you know when to expect me
  • Once there, I’ll text again and you’ll bring your dog out to my van.  I’ll have the salon doors open for you. I’ll be waiting up front behind the clear partition door or outside the van from a safe distance
  • Remove collar/leash/clothing and close the door.  Please don’t enter the van.  As soon as your dog is secure, I’ll come through the partition door and get started
  • Alternatively, I can retrieve your dog from a secure outdoor area such as a crate left by the front door, a screened in porch, or a tie out
  • I’ll send a text when I’m finished.  We can handle pick up one of three ways: I can let your dog into your house through a door you’ve left unlocked for me, you can come to the van to pick them up, or I can leave them in a secure outdoor area
  • Payment will be done through a secure invoicing system so that we can remain contact free.  Payment is due at the time services are rendered
  • Latchkey service is still available if you can’t be home so long as we can arrange safe and sanitary retrieval of your dog

All dogs will be washed as soon as I get them in order to remove any possible traces of the virus on their fur.  All surfaces will be cleaned with a veterinary approved hospital grade disinfectant.  The disinfectant I use has been clinically proven to kill the novel coronavirus that causes Covid 19.  All tools are disinfected using a UV oven.  Additionally, a UV sanitizer will be used in the salon each night 

Please reschedule your appointment if you or any member of your household is sick or has been exposed to the virus.  Violation of my distancing practices will result in termination of services.  Thank you for your patience, cooperation and understanding!