My goal is wagging tails and smiling faces! Grooming should be a pleasant experience for everyone involved.   I understand dogs are often nervous when they visit the groomer, so I maintain a relaxed and easygoing environment.

What to Expect

Each dog is an individual and I cater my approach to suit his or her needs.  Does your dog need lots of cuddle breaks?  Is he a senior with achy joints?  Is she a curious puppy who wants to explore?  I let your dog show me the way.  That develops trust.  Once your dog trusts me, he is comfortable in my care and grooming is a breeze.

A Gentle, Loving Approach

I genuinely want your dog to have the best grooming experience possible. I treat every dog in my care with the same love and respect I treat my own pets. I got into mobile grooming because I truly believe it is the best way to groom dogs.


Safety and Cleanliness

Health and safety are top priorities for me.  I maintain a clean environment and I keep my attention focused on your dog at all times. Your dog is never kept under heated dryers.  At any sign of distress I will stop the groom and ascertain the problem.  I will not continue until we have it solved.


Personalized service

I want my two legged customers to be happy, too.  I make sure every dog winds up looking (and smelling) as good as she feels.  I will develop a groomfor your dog that suits your lifestyle and taste.  I will take the time to listen to what you want and answer your questions.

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